Love: April- Healing Connections


April is here! Time to get some sunshine!

This time of year can feel like such a strong place of growth and renewal, so I thought it made sense to take a look at some ways we can better heal and grow in our connection to ourselves and others! All love!!

 75 year study proves quality relationships are the most important part of a healthy life, and how to acheve it /melanie-curtin/want-a-life-of-fulfillment-a-75-year-harvard-study-says-to-prioritize-this-one-t.html

11 Specific reasons we stay in Topic Relationships

Zen Habits for the win- a discussion about our Craving for Wholeness

Danielle Laporte and her White Hot Truth about what Unconditional Love really means

The Brutal Act of True Self Care

The act of separating your pain from your soul is not beautiful like a resurrection. It’s beautiful like an exorcism.

Creating community one cup of tea at a time

The Rarest and Sexiest thing a Man can do

What is the real difference between “I love you” and “I’m IN LOVE with you” as explained by a relationship therapist after 35 years of counseling

Think about what you do for a living. Are you a professional, a student, an artist of some sort? Can you remember when you had the thought that brought you to this place? “I want to be a musician.” “I just got the greatest job as a graphic artist.” “Finally I’m an attorney, police person, kindergarten teacher.” This is often accompanied by a sense of expansion and happiness, as though you have reached the top of a mountain, a sense of arrival. Three months later, when you’re knee-deep in desk work, administration complications, or having to manage an impossible co-worker, what do you feel then? Does it mean you put in your resignation immediately? Probably not—and it’s no different in our relationships.

3 very simple, yet effective, tools for communication

The real meaning of Authenticity

These 5 ways growing up in an abusive home affects your adult relationships hit home waaaaaay to hard….

Psychology Today looks at a variety of ways families and societies transmit trauma across generations

Scientists are also looking at how trauma can be passed through our DNA

Breaking the Cycle of Negativity in our Relationships.

As silly as it seems, we may feel awkward expressing kind thoughts and feelings. This is because we’ve gotten stuck in the groove of negativity, which only widens the gap. We may be holding back something positive so as not to give the other person a stronger hand— a sign that we’ve retreated to separate battle stations. Set a new intention: when you feel good about the other person, share it. This immediately shifts the energy and sets up a breakthrough potential.

And now for some partners working together!



The pan flute in it’s native land!




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